Deadgrass Plot Fall/Winter Tour
Bringing the twang out of the Grateful Dead songbook
The five-piece string band – consisting of multi-instrumentalist Matt Turk, Grammy award winning guitarist C Lanzbom, bassist Dave Richards, banjo player Russell Gottlieb and fiddler Michael Barrett Donovan – will circle the Northeast from Oct. 25 to Feb. 23.

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Deadgrass Makes Hay with Garcia's Music
On The Beat

And if the idea of seeing dancing dervishes spinning madly to old time, high lonesome bluegrass sounds of fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass and guitar played in unison seems unlikely to you, then think again. Deadgrass inspires music fans to get up and break out their best improvisatory dance steps, with various shimmies, shakes and spins included. This I witnessed in June at the Great Hudson River Revival a.k.a. the Clearwater Festival in Croton-on-Hudson, where Deadgrass played a set.

The Gazette, Thomas Staudter, August 2, 2018
Deadgrass celebrates Jerry Garcia’s music
Cape Cod Times
Deadgrass’ way is similar to the acoustic style employed by Garcia in Old and in the Way and in his collaboration with mandolin player David Grisman. Added to that approach are the band’s extended jams, a la The Dead. 
Deadgrass Livens Up Garcia’s With Midweek Dose of the Grateful Dead
"improv-laden...phenomenal chops...capturing the vocal harmonies and intonations led by Garcia…refreshing and fun”